Nov 15th, 2012 Patch Notes

November 15, 2012 in Riot news

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  1. hrmm a few mesmer nerfs:

    Illusionary Duelist, Phantasmal Swordsman, Phantasmal Mage, Phantasmal Defender, Phantasmal Disenchanter, Phantasmal Rogue, Phantasmal Warlock, Illusionary Mariner, Illusionary Whaler, Phantasmal Berserker, and Phantasmal Warden: These skills must now be cast in line-of-sight of the target. These skills now behave as normal attacks that the mesmer must connect in order to summon the phantasm, and they will fail if the mesmer is blind or the ability is cast on an invulnerable target.

    This looks to me like mesmers will no longer be able to attack siege, and they changed the Portal cooldown to 90 seconds.

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