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    Firstly, are you still active as a guild in GW2?


    If so…


    I am known as Nymeria or simply Nym in the game… I am a member of the Hell guild on EU SFR (Seafarer’s Rest) server – the guild is jointly led by Kresh who is the leader of SFR’s wvw community – found at


    As you will be aware there is a new tournament coming up in September. There is a very good chance that SFR will be matched at some point with a server called Far Shiverpeaks (FSP).  One of the guilds on FSP is my old guild The Civil Rebels which I am sure you will be aware because their tag is also [RiOT] and they use the same logo of a clenched fist that you do yourselves.


    As SFR are currently looking to recruit a NA guild to cover a gap in our coverage where we are fighting three major Desolation guilds – ROCK, GH, and EXT – It occurred to me that perhaps you would be interested in coming to SFR for the tournament and having it out with the EU RiOT – who I know from my own days as an officer in that guild, they have a strong NA representation and their leader plays the same times as myself (i.e. during NA primetime) you would be in a position to fight them during your own primetime.


    It is an idea… that perhaps you might find interesting. The server has funds available that it is willing to use to help players transfer to SFR from NA but these funds are a loan and not payment. SFR are usually the no.1 server on the EU servers – at the moment we’ve faced 2 weeks of blatant double teaming from Desolation and Kodash but neither server can defeat us on their own. We have possibly the greatest support system in the game for wvw guilds – server bank, training guild, scouting guild, active server forums and strategy threads, spreadsheets for planning guild raids to make sure everyone gets on the map and there are no clashes, server wide teamspeak with private areas for guilds etc. etc. So there is a very good chance that we will finish first in the tournament for those worried about getting rewards.


    For further details contact Kresh – either via  or in game (ilmau.9781  –  ilmau)


    Hope to hear from you soon


    Thank you



    Vesu Verra

    Hey Nym,

    We aren’t really interested in moving to EU at this time.

    Thanks for the offer, though.



    No problem – thank you for the quick response – you know where we are if you ever decide to change your mind

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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