Team RIOT is a mature (18+) U.S. Blackgate small-man WvW roaming and sPvP Guild Wars 2 guild. Although we do actively participate in all aspects of Guild Wars 2 (including PvE), you will often find our members either roaming or competing in sPvP. Furthermore, Team RIOT prides itself on the fact that we are a small, tight-knit community that first and foremost considers each member our friend. Over the many years gaming together we have learned and believe success in any competitive-team environment is driven by the cohesiveness of said members. Pair this base philosophy with a heightened interest in victory, skill, communications, knowledge and positional awareness and you have the makings of how we typically aim to conduct ourselves in any game we compete.

With the coming expansion our goals and interests remain the same and moreover we are excited to undertake the new challenges presented. If you would like to learn more about Team RIOT and if we are recruiting, check our Recruitment section. Please note we do collectively participate in multiple team-based, competitive games outside of Guild Wars 2 including CS:GO, SMITE, & DotA2 and we welcome and encourage our members to participate as they see fit.

Our acting GM is Vesu Verra. Any questions regarding recruitment may be directed to @docMed.

Regarding the history/formation of Team RIOT:
Team RIOT formed through a core group of members in Warhammer Online (Volkmar). Through a strong RvR team, which dominated a more populated and geared enemy, Team RIOT was able to secure a positive reputation in the community, but ultimately disbanded as players left Warhammer. Nonetheless, with the release of Guild Wars 2 the core – who kept in touch – reformed and Team RIOT competed once again. We continue to carry this legacy forward as Team RIOT evolves into a small, competitive gaming community full of individuals we’re proud & ecstatic to play with daily.