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    Like the Title is saying I’m from Germany I play on Elonas Reach and I tried to get familiar with WvW Roaming. Yesterday I bought everything together for my PU-Condition Mesmer and I failed miserably I never got them low enough to finish them and even the guys who started with WvW killed me in seconds.

    Yesterday I realized that it is probably me I seem to enjoy melee classes, even on my Level 80 Ranger I play Sword/Warhorn as my main weapons insteadt of a shortbow. I really want to roam in WvW so I got a question for you, maybe you can help me.

    Like I said above I want to have a melee profession to play with. Question: Which profession that is melee is good for solo roaming in WvW ?  I thought about Thief or Warrior. I would love to play a Warrior cause they also seem to be good in Zergs If I feel like I want to join one.

    TL,DR: I’m a douchebag from Germany that sucks in WvW and wants to get Advice on which profession to play on WvW that is melee based.

    PS: Yishis your Videos are great 😀 (Sorry for my bad English)


    Vesu Verra

    Hallo Greyia,

    Dein Englisch ist super! Ich würde sagen dass beide sind gut für roaming. Es kommt drauf an was du spielen möchtest und was für dich mehr Spaß ist. Warrior ist auf jeden Fall einfacher zum lernen.

    Hast du schon Second to God gesehen?

    Probier mal beides und spiel was du genießt.

    Tut mir leid für mein schlechtes Deutsch.


    Your wife would be proud Vesu

    Vesu Verra

    I know, right?


    Don’t let him fool you, all he said was ‘Come on, get to the choppa!’


    Das gut.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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