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    Hey guys
    I just have a few quick questions…
    I’ve been playing a lot of pvp with my Mesmer with all sorts of builds and all weapons to understand the class as much as any one can. I’ve gotten quite good with this cheeky little frustration creator and I’m beginning to build it for another wvw roaming character. Been following you guys for a while now and was wondering what would be best. I want to join RIOT but I know your full at the moment so I was wanting to know which kind of Mesmer you would be interested in in the future for wvw roaming so I can put the time into to get better at that specific role. A condition based staff support Mesmer, or phantasm damage build?

    Appreciate the time you took to read this ( if you did haha )



    Check out Vesu’s youtube and twitch pages:  He should have his builds in there somewhere.  Thanks for posting!

    Vesu Verra

    Hello TwistedGypsy,

    Our mesmers are a mix of Troll survive builds, Phantasm or Burst shatter mesmers. Depending on the new patch, perhaps condition mesmers but most of our guys really don’t run this. We really don’t have a set role for mesmers, but most try to provide mobility by running portal or utility by running life. It all just depends on the current group make up and what is missing and people respec to fill in the gaps. Most of our mesmers have 4-5 gear sets.

    We normally don’t look for a specific class unless we are absolutely low on something needed. but just more focus on the player’s skill and group awareness.


    Thanks for the replies fellas,

    I’ll just keep playing a few builds and stick to the ones I feel most comfortable with.

    Might throw a recruitment post up in the future some time if you guys open up again

    Take it easy
    I’ll cya round….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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