Recruitment Closed + What have we been up to?

January 14, 2015 in Riot news

Hey everyone, just wanted to touch base and let any interested parties know (both in and out of our guild) we’re still kicking – despite our lack of activity within ArcheAge (see: recruitment closed)!

Although it was only a few months, we enjoyed our time within AA and it is something we may once again consider depending on future updates (probably not though!). That being said, what have we been up to? Well, that really all depends on each RIOT member you ask! Myself & Vesu have been playing CS:GO and building some new contacts/teammates there to explore this amazing competitive game. Sanny amongst other RIOT members have also continued to play ArcheAge. As a guild and individually we’ve also had some infrequent visits to GW2 (Sanny even considered streaming GW2 again, hype!). Yishis also still pops in from time to time to the fan boys interested :D. oPP and select others have also been hanging in our TS lately, which has been a welcome addition – hope you guys are enjoying your stay! Some of the high-level GW2 pvp players also call our humble TS home.

As a guild our focus continues to be on building our skills (team play, communications, game sense/skill, etc), along with building long-lasting friendships.

Hope all is well with everyone. Looking forward to gaming with current and future members – eventually!

Mr. Medpack

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