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    Hidden Fee

    I heard you haven’t been playing much lately due to RL stuff, sorry to hear that.

    I was told by a Guild member of yours to contact you here with questions I might have So here I am 🙂

    I was looking at your Ranger build and wanted to see how it works for me (Dec 10th Patch YUMMY!). I had a question about your Runes and why you picked Conditon (undead)… not sure what condition this would be intended for?

    Also in your videos you seem to use Troll Unguent and Quickening Zephyr but the build you have Healing Spring and Lightning Reflexes. is this situational or just out dated video?


    Thanks in Advance and hope RL get better for ya.


    I think the undead runes were probably a mistake as I do not run those with my longbow/greatsword ranger. I’m poor as hell in game so I’ve been using ruby orbs actually. I generally would run Troll Unguent and Zephyr for the sustain against physical damage (warrior/thief) and the big burst with rapid fire, however lately I’ve seen more use out of the condi removal from Spring and the extra stun break for the warrior stun lock crap.

    Hopefully I’ll be back playing more soon. Adjusting to a new job and all.

    Hidden Fee

    Hey thanks for replying.

    So if you were rich, what Runes would you actually use in this build (Here’s your Build)

    and also is there anything outdated or not accurate in the build?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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