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by Yishis

RIOT vs EXS – 7v7 & 8v8 – Yishi Engineer PoV

September 28, 2013 in Riot news

A few days ago (9/24/2013), we had some great fights against EXS. I’ve gone ahead and compiled them into a video. I’ve also added brief commentary at the end of the video that discusses some RIOT group tactics and engineer roles in the fight. EXS took us down several times earlier in the evening before I had started recording. Props to them for sticking around and providing a great challenge throughout the night.

Game Update Notes – September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013 in Riot news

Super Adventure Box: Back to School
Moto is back with the next installment of his hit entertainment-education hybrid. Find him in Rata Sum and hop into his newly renovated hub map to party up and party down! This time, players will explore three sprawling zones in the Mountain World. Get ready to get wet in the rough and tumble Rapids! Learn the way of the assassin in ancient temples precariously perched on the Pain Cliffs! And prepare to be challenged while venturing through the puzzles, traps, and inclement weather of Storm Top, where players will find their toughest foe yet: the STORM WIZARD!
But for those who find all of that too easy, Moto has devised the most heinously difficult challenge the world of Tyria has ever seen. For players swimming in extra lives and continue coins, activate Tribulation Mode and try to defy Moto’s capricious and unfairly invisible instant-kill traps—but be prepared for death around every corner! Tribulation Mode will be available for both worlds, and special color variants of the Super skins await those who have the skill and tenacity to overcome.
And finally, for those who don’t enjoy jumping challenges, there’s Infantile Mode, which allows players to easily traverse Moto’s world by walking over beautiful rainbow bridges.

  • All World 1 achievements have returned, and all-new World 2 and Tribulation Mode achievements have been added.


  • Collect Bauble Bubbles to complete the blue Super skin weapon set. Gather ingredients in World 1 Tribulation Mode to create green Super skins or World 2 Tribulation Mode to create yellow Super skins.
  • Also available from Moto: Mini Moto! And keep a lookout for Princess Miya outfit pieces randomly dropped in the world. Who knows…maybe putting the pieces on Mini Moto in the Mystic Forge will make Mini Princess Miya!
  • Players can only receive rewards from dig spots and the reward chests found at the end of each zone once per account per day.

At the Gem Store

  • A new trio of minis is available: Super Yeti, Super Raccoon, and Super Banana. Combine them with a continue coin in the Mystic Forge to create the magical Mini Assassin.
  • Back by popular demand: the Super Adventure Box o’ Fun! Players can now bring the spirit of SAB with them wherever they go.
  • The Super Explosive Finisher has been upgraded to be permanent. Players can now keep the warmth of this bombastic PvP fun close to their hearts forever.
  • Tired of scrounging baubles to buy continue coins? The Infinite Continue Coin is the perfect solution. Never worry about running out of lives in SAB again!

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