What People Are Saying About RIOT

can we talk about riot, TYYYyyy they chased me from minotaurs to sw tower to middle of buttlust where my friends were waiting last night hammer stunning the whole way. why??

kerona.3465 [PYRO]

these is a very serious problem
there some player from blackgate standing at the top of the well in EQ jumping puzzle in th last 30min from jumping puzzle chest reset.
they get noting but keep standing there and killing and stopping the player who want to get the JP reward
that is very nausea and they just do it for fun
it is very sick and once the puzzle rest they just leave


To the Warrior and Mesmer from [RIOT]: I was craving for a good 1v1 but too bad u guys only know how to run when ur dying and 2v1ed me in a corner tsk tsk.


I think they might be a GvG only guild


good fights? what a joke. try a build that requires a brain. RIOT and oPP both filled with players running fotm builds thinking they are skilled. and i think its funny that you think anything you have is a good fight when youre running that build. because your build is retard simple training wheels. you probably think you are skilled.

Kyra [Ark]

screw yishis hes good but hes a asshole, you ask him for info based on whats Not on his vid, hell block you on his channel, even if a new statted item came out to compare, you ask him in game and he blocks you…. has his damn friends do his messaging work… NEWS flash you egotistical twat – if you make a video channel, your gonna get attention, if you do not want it…dont make the god damned channel.


Both RIOT (who calls himself an guild specialized in facing enemies much larger) and Opp are well known due their “roam squads” with 10 or so guys chasing and killing lonely roamers, and their low skill level.

Opp is even worst, I saw them using 5 or more croud control skills and elites against a single guy,
I faced both guilds and most of the times they fight if they outnumber you 2:1 at least, if no they run back to the “mini zerg”


Various Memser Triplet Hotjoin Victims

RIOT’s definition of small team roaming synonymous with gank squad, and run away from anything actually challenging.

Ross Biddle.2367

Roaming heroes


Keep running, Riot :p

Valloria X (after killing half our squad while outnumbering us 3:1. see <a href="http://www.twitch.tv/teamriottv/b/482921836?t=266m45s">here</a>)

sick would rather gank solos coming out of span. shit guild bye scrubs.


I was wondering if any RIOT team member could tell me if people actually have fun roaming with prismatic builds? I mean you’re basically the equivalent of disgusting facerolling nyx pickers or terran players but there are so many of you so there has to be some merit in it.


You and your long-haired, dress wearing, butterfly shooting kitteny mesmer.

The Rogue Status

I’m a fucking chicken!


hey ***, i just watched ur stream and ur playing like a little girl taking her first *** in her ***. l2p noob


Oh, is the RIOT team. hmm. The must chisy build on the game. Chisy team, sorry. you think you are good but you just run ALL THE WAY a chisy build

Hidric De Liter