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Sup Habs, we were actually discussing this the other day (old school members coming back and playing with us). Best thing to do is start hanging with us on TS and getting familiar with our players, etc; as we have changed a bit as we look to tigthen up our play amongst our members. Our About & Recruitment section sums up in general the overall feel/direction our core is currently pushing in:

As is stands now, Team RIOT is a mature guild (18+) and our focus overall has shifted towards playing a variety of team-based, competitive games. Our players have their roots in DAoC, Warhammer, SMITE, CS:GO, WoW, etc, just to name a few and we still actively play Guild Wars 2. Nonetheless, whatever game we are currently playing, we focus on developing small, tight-knit groups, that excel in clear communication, in-game execution and decision making, all while emphasizing friendlyness and fun above all else. In other words, we try to do well at the games we play, but at the end of the day, we also want to have fun and enjoy each others’ company.

At the core, Team RIOT’s roots stem from open-world-PvP-roaming (Warhammer, DAoC, GW2, etc), but over time we have evolved into an intentionally small gaming community that enjoys and focuses primarily on competitive-PvP. In turn, none of us are MLG-PRO’s, but we still take our gaming serious all while looking to foster a fun and respectful environment. Don’t be fooled though, while we foster an environment typically considered unique in pvp-focused-guilds, we have a track record of competing at the highest levels. If you play any of the below games and are looking for a solid team to compete with them in (whether through ladder, tournaments, etc), then Team RIOT may just be the place for you.
Come hang and get to know the current members again and we’ll go from there :D.