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Game Update Notes – June 25th, 2013

June 25, 2013 in Riot news

June 25 Content Release Notes
Sky Pirates of Tyria
Attention: the skies of Tyria have turned treacherous. A new breed of pirates is descending upon Tyria! Lethal and precise, they strike from above like a bolt of lightning. The Lionguard knows little about them, but this violent faction was behind the attack on the Dragon Bash effigy ceremony and is responsible for a growing swath of murders. With help from citizens like you, we thwarted their plot to usurp a seat on the Ship’s Council, but the Lionguard will not rest. Today, all who read this are deputized to join me in discovering the Aetherblades’ secret headquarters and bringing these killers to justice.
—Captain Ellen Kiel of the Ship’s Council
Aetherblade Retreat

  • A secret entrance to an Aetherblade hideout has been discovered in Lion’s Arch behind the waterfall by the Diverse Ledges. A Lionguard is stationed outside of the entrance to easily route players to Inspector Kiel, who is gathering a squad to infiltrate the secret Aetherblade lair. This is a challenging story dungeon designed for parties of five that takes the fight to the Aetherblades. Players will encounter swarms of Aetherblade cutthroats, the devious asura engineer Frizz, and ultimately, Captain Mai Trin and her hard-hitting first mate Horrik.

Open World

  • Heralds in all the major cities have been notified of the disturbances caused by the Aetherblade pirates.
  • Dragon Bash continues. The Lionguard vows to protect the city during the festival, despite the Aetherblade threat. All Dragon Bash activities (except the fireworks show) will remain available until the last day of the festival. This includes, for those who haven’t played it, the single-player living story that starts with the Memorials on the Pyre instance.
  • In honor of the release of the new Guild Wars 2 novel, Sea of Sorrows, follow the footsteps of Lion’s Arch’s founder Cobiah Marriner to a dozen locations across the city and Orr; each location contains a plaque detailing its significance to the historical figure. Talk to the NPC by the Cobiah Marriner statue for more information. For additional information, his journey can be followed in the Sea of Sorrows novel.
  • There are widespread reports that Aetherblades are tampering with the hologram projectors across Tyria. Approach them with caution.
  • Aetherblade pirates have been spotted guarding caches in select mini-dungeons and jumping puzzles across Tyria. Pirates have also been spotted around the Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle in the Mists.
  • The familiar face of Lady Kasmeer Meade can be found in the Grand Piazza enjoying the Dragon Bash festivities.


  • A new category of Sky Pirate achievements has been added covering the Aetherblade Retreat mini-dungeon and the appearance of the Aetherblade Caches.
  • A new meta-achievement, Against the Aetherblades, has been added, which requires players to complete 12 of 20 of the previous achievements.
  • The History Buff achievement has been added to the Explorer category for the Sea of Sorrows scavenger hunt.
  • The Not So Secret jumping puzzle achievement will become available July 2nd and will be a permanent addition.

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Guild Missions Now Sunday and Tuesday Nights

June 21, 2013 in Riot news

Guild Missions are now 5pm PST/8pm EST on Sunday, and 7pm PST/10pm EST on Tuesday.  If you can’t make either of those times, please let me or Roxee know and we’ll see if we can adjust the schedule.  As per Roxee’s post, please make sure you have a few waypoints in every zone on one character!

Upcoming Skill and Trait Changes

June 20, 2013 in Riot news


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